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About Little Stars Early Learning and Kindergarten

It is a pleasure to welcome your family to Little Stars Early Learning and Kindergarten. We understand that placing your child in someone else’s care is an important decision that most parents have to make. We at Little Stars Early Learning and Kindergarten are privileged to play an integral part in your precious child’s early learning and development.

We recognise that the parents are the first and continuing carers and educators of their children. Our aim is to function as an extended family, to provide a secure, loving, nurturing and warm environment, Which is vital for each child’s development and growth.

We take pride in providing a welcoming, family atmosphere where families and educators work together in unison to Suite the individual needs of each child in our care.

We believe in the right for all Australians to benefit from our centre, hence our centre is open to accommodating people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities from this multi-cultural land of ours.

Our professional and dedicated carers aspire to create an environment that provides enjoyable and creative learning. Our programs are designed to support your child in all areas of growth.

We at Little Stars understand that it is not an easy decision Parents have to make when choosing a suitable childcare centre. It would be an over whelming experience with many unanswered questions. It is impossible to get a sense of an early learning centre from a brochure or website. Hence, we encourage you to make an appointment with our educators and visit our centre for a guided tour and experience the centre.

Our dedicated carers look forward to sharing these formative years with you and your little star!

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