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Parent Information

Parent Information


Arrivals & Departures

  • Parents / Guardians must accompany their children into the facility.
  • An attendance record will be found in each room. Parent/Guardian are required to complete the child’s name and time of arrival and insert their signature. This will also be completed when you collect your child.
  • Ensure that a staff member is made aware you are taking the child and leaving the premises.
  • Staff will not permit the arrival or departure of any child by taxi unaccompanied.
  • Staff will not allow any child to leave with any person who is NOT listed on the enrolment record as a person authorised to collect the child, or not accounted for in writing to staff on the day by the Parent/Guardian.

A copy of any custody / access arrangements must be forwarded to the Centre Director to place on file. Staff will not become involved in personal disputes between parents, therefore all details must be documented in writing by the court.

Infectious Diseases and Illness Emergency care

  • Any infectious disease must be notified to the centre so that the other parents can be notified of the illness. Children who are unwell are to remain at home, or if they become ill while in the centre, staff will contact the parents or emergency contacts to collect the child from the centre.
  • Where a child sustains an injury while attending the childcare, staff will make contact with the parents / guardian / emergency contact person as soon as practicable. Attending to your child’s injury is our first priority. Every attempt will be made to contact you should any incident occur.

Sun Smart Policy

Our Sun Smart Policy has been developed to ensure that all children attending Little Stars Childcare Centre are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. Preventing sunburn and overexposure to UV assists in reducing the probability of skin cancer and skin damage. Staff are encouraged to access the daily Sun Smart UV Alert at sunsmart.com.au to find out daily sun protection times and assist with the implementation of this policy.


If you have any concerns regarding the services and the facilities, please speak with the team at Little Stars. Alternatively, you can speak with the Centre Director. We encourage you to raise any concerns immediately, so that an amicable resolution can be found.


Please find the enrolments forms at our centre.

We will group your child according to his or her age and will generally remain in that group for the calendar year.

For further information please contact our friendly team at Little Stars.

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